Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Grudge Match: Mr. T vs. the Rest of the A-Team

B.A. Baracus, aka Mr. T, has decided that he's had enough of those crazy fools drugging him and putting him on planes. He decides to throw all his former teammates "helluva far" and go back to fulfil his dream of working as a doctor.

Mr. T is the toughest member of the A-Team, and has proven that he can take any one of them in a fight. But what happens when he goes up against Face, Hannibal and Murdock (and possibly Amy if you want to count her) as a team? Can he beat all of them, or do they once again find a way to knock him out and put him on a plane?

It's difficult to know who will win, but it's not difficult to predict that Face will be the first to get beaten up.

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the spectre said...

In that "Be Somebody" clip the kid doesn't even look like he's falling over the first time. He looks like he's just bending down for some reason. And the guy who laughs at him doesn't remotely look like he's reacting to something funny and laughing at it.

Something tells me they only had about five minutes when all of those "actors" were available for filming.

I also find it interesting that the off-camera voice says "Mr T, your pants", rather than "Dr T". It seems to be a way of pretending that Mr T *really* forgot to put his trousers on, and it's not an intentional part of his "Dr T" skit.