Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Scene With And Without Music

Just something I found in my (too-small) videotape collection and wanted to post here. One of the tapes of the WKRP episode "The Painting" is an "unsweetened" version, which means it's without any of the soundtrack bits that were added after the taping, like canned laughter or post-dubbed music. Because one scene in the episode had music added after the taping, that creates a rare chance to hear a scene with and without music, but with the dialogue intact, just to get a sense of what pop music -- even played faintly in the background -- can add to the rhythm of a scene.

Here's the scene without music:

And here's the scene with music, "Breezin'" by George Benson. Note also that a few bits of canned laughter have been added to fill in spots where the audience didn't laugh. (After Bailey says "You don't like it" and Johnny repeats "I don't like it," there's a little extra laughter dubbed in.)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting all of the episodes and these two clips. It's not often that you get to compare the before and after in an episode of a TV show.
I have seen WKRP in almost it's entirety, minus two episodes and I was wondering if you could post them. I haven't seen either "Pills" or "You Can't go Out of Town Again." I heard "Pills" wasn't so great, but I'd be thankful if you could post both. Thanks again for posting some of these great episodes.