Monday, June 08, 2009

And Now It's Time Once Again For 1997 Flashback Theatre

Thanks to reader John for sending me what must be the only promotional material Kids' WB ever created for the planned, written, developed, but never produced Daffy Duck Show. (click to enlarge)

Kids' WB sent this to their affiliates in 1997 as part of a promotional package for the 1997-8 season. As John notes, this suggests that (at least when this promo was prepared), they were thinking of it as a Saturday morning show. But I've heard elsewhere that they did consider it for prime-time as well.

Here's what the promo says, in case it's not legible:

What do the "in" kids want for breakfast every Saturday? Duck. Daffy Duck that is.

Based on his outstanding performance in last year's blockbuster, SPACE JAM, Daffy has finally gotten what he's always wanted (besides speech therapy): his own new show! For the first time in a generation, Daffy is back in front of the TV cameras with attitude, action and an all-new show that will blow the competition out of the pond. (Look for Daffy to pull some of his other Looney co-stars into his new shows.)

Warner Brothers was pushing Daffy pretty hard after Space Jam, where he was one of the few characters who didn't come off as completely neutered.

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Ricardo Cantoral said...

Space Jam had the worst portrayal of every Looney Tunes character. Even the best actors in the film, Billy West and Bob Bergen, could not save their respective roles from the studio-executive castrations.