Monday, June 15, 2009

Twitterin' Away Their Noon Time, Supper Time, Chore Time Too

One thing I should say, in lieu of a post, is that I now have a Twitter feed, which I mostly use for what might be called post-ettes: thoughts, or links, that could be a blog post, and that I might eventually turn into a blog post, but might not.

I find Twitter easier to deal with than Facebook for that reason; it can be used as a way of doing some of the things one does in a blog post -- express an opinion, link to a video -- without the amount of time needed to write an entire blog post. It's blogging with a shorter time investment.

I'll keep blogging here, and as I said, some of the stuff I write on Twitter eventually finds its way here, but if you're looking for extra videos, links, or bizarre statements that I have not yet backed up, Twitter's the place for me t'be.

Current example is that in my most recent twitter or tweet or whatever, I mention that Stanley Kubrick is "the king of all that is overrated in film," but that's something I will eventually need to back up in a longer post.

(Shorter version: I have the same problem with Kubrick as I have with a lot of Bergman, but '50s and early '60s Bergman is so good that it more than compensates for what he became after he started to banish music, humor and humanity from his movies. Kubrick, on the other hand, was always pretty damned inhuman, and unlike Bergman, he couldn't even handle comedy if he tried; Dr. Strangelove has to be the most glacially paced, poorly-timed of all "classic" comedies. I remember seeing the thing at a young age and wondering even then why, even though the scripted jokes were clearly funny and the performances were clearly funny, it seemed like the camera and sound mix were going out of their way to kill the jokes. That was the first Kubrick I saw and it's all been downhill from there, except for The Killers The Killing and possibly Paths of Glory.)

Update: Advice to those attempting to bash Kubrick: do not, as I did, write "The Killers" when you mean "The Killing." Tends to decrease one's credibility. (Let's not even get into "The Killing" vs. "Killer's Kiss.")

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Griff said...

Jaime, we will agree to disagree on Kubrick, but I would respectfully point out that I think you mean THE KILLING, not THE KILLERS.