Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy Goyish New Year!

I know a man, his name is Lang,
And he has a neon sign.
And Mr. Lang is very old,
So they call it Old Lang's Sign."

-- Allan Sherman

In New Year's resolutions every blogger now is wallowing --
I've got some resolutions too; among them are the following:

To follow more Canadian TV, for that's a path
That has been blazed impressively by people like McGrath.

To write more animation posts, although the ones I've had
Have been somewhat supplanted by the brilliant work of Thad.

To interview some people: writers, singers, makeup men,
So they can share some anecdotes if they won't blog like Ken.

To put a bit more humour in my posts before they're done,
And do some subject headings with a groan-inducing pun.

To see less entertainment that is canned instead of live --
I haven't seen a human face since nineteen-ninety-five!

And finally, to find an URL a little less confusing,
Since many people say they can't recall the one I'm using,
Though if you're hep to Hackenbush, it's slightly more amusing,
I want to find an URL to bring my old, old blog some new zing.

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SamuraiFrog said...

Very nice! Happy New Year.