Monday, December 04, 2006

Grudge Matches I'd Like To See: Batman vs. The A-Team

The A-Team is hiding out in Gotham City, and Colonel Decker asks Batman to track them down and capture them. Batman, with his sour view of human nature, doesn't believe that the A-Team is innocent, and assumes that they're just another group of quirky criminals that he needs to hunt down.

Can Batman capture the A-Team? Or will he fail to handle the combined power of Hannibal's planning, B.A.'s helluva-toughness, Murdock's craziness, and... uh... whatever the heck it is that Face does?


Anonymous said...

Face is the smooth-talking conman in charge of fooling people into doing things the A-team wants done.

Anonymous said...

The A-Team only has a chance if they can stand up to Batman as a team. Being who he is, Batman will immediately recognize this and focus on taking down the A-Team one by one.

Face would be first to go because I can't imagine any of his conman tricks working on Bats. Murdoch comes next because Batman is used to dealing with real psychos (see, e.g., the Joker) rather than Murdoch's mock psychological issues. B.A. should be easy because I expect that Batman will figure out some way to get B.A. into the air, totally incapacitating him.

That leaves the Colonel. Now, Hannibal is supposed to be very smart, a master tactician, etc. But I don't know that he's as smart as Batman, who is supposed to be a super genius. Even assuming that they are even matched mentally though, Batman will have the edge physically, if only because Hannibal is getting up there.

So, I say the Batman takes down the A-Team. I'm not happy about it though.