Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I Wallow in Negativity

Judging from my last two posts at TV Guidance, I've become a real Negative Nelly (tm).

- One's about James Burrows, a great TV director who I don't think is so great any more.

- And the other is about King of the Hill, a great TV show whose creative direction I don't quite agree with.

Somebody should really remind me that in real life, people don't actually become successful critics by hating everything.


Yeldarb86 said...

Some would agree with your King of the Hill article. You're worried about nothing.

Anonymous said...

Not to demean your... negativity... but it's not like The Class or King of the Hill are so widely revered. I've never found KoTH that entertaining, and am even more amazed than you are that it's still on the air for this long (while Futurama was cancelled!). And The Class is just as horrible as you said it was.

Anonymous said...

When exactly did Daniels leave King of the Hill?