Monday, January 01, 2007

Foot Powder

Specs and extras ("spextras?") for the first season of WKRP in Cincinnati.

The set is priced higher than Fox's identically-packaged Bob Newhart Show sets (Fox, by the way, is pretty much addicted to these double-sided discs for all but a select few shows; they're annoying, but apparently they save a lot on manufacturing costs), which leads me to hold out hope that the sets were more expensive to produce, in turn leading me to hold out hope that some music has been paid for. That's a lot of hope to be holdin' out.

Among the special features listed are a featurette on the making of "Turkeys Away" and commentaries on two other episodes: "Johnny Comes Back" (the one with the "Red Wigglers" jingle and Mr. Carlson mistaking cocaine for foot powder) and the pilot.

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