Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Martin & Lewis vs. Crosby & Hope

Yes, another homage to WWWF Grudge Match, but a very obvious one:

Paramount Pictures' two top "crooner and comic" teams face off against each other in a brutal tag-team battle. In this corner, Bing Crosby and Bob Hope from the Road movies. In the other corner, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. Which playful pair will prevail, and who will partake of a pathetic pummeling?

I would lean slightly toward Dean and Jerry, with some misgivings. Especially early on, they're both extremely skinny. But as the conclusion of Artists and Models proves, Jerry has the strength of twenty men when he gets really worked up, and Dean, with his rampant gangland connections (really, he's in trouble with gangsters in every other movie) may know a few tricks. I don't think they'll fall for the "pat-a-cake" routine, which strips Bing and Bob of their greatest asset. Finally, Jerry and Dean usually seem to get along better than Bing and Bob, who always spend half the movie selling each other out. The teamwork advantage will give Jerry and Dean the edge they nead to win.


Ivan G Shreve Jr said...

Mike: Bob Hope was once a pugilist as well--he fought as "Packy East" before his vaudeville days.

As much as I revere both comedy teams, I think Robert and the Old Groaner would win on points.

breakdown said...

I would also go for Dean and Jerry, but in real life they didn't speak for years.


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Anonymous said...

Bing an Bob were a great team who continued their solo movie careers while making the Road pictures. Dean and Jerry were exclusively a team. They honed their skills before paying audiences in nightclubs before receiving Hollywood's call. Bing and Bob performed together (outside of movies) mostly at USO shows before very appreciative but non-paying audiences. I think the teamwork will help Dean and Jerry come out on top.

Bing and Bob just remind me of Jack Benny's line when he appeared on Fred Allen's show at the height of the Benny-Allen feud (another grudge match?). After a particularly stinging barb from Fred, Jack replied, "You wouldn't say that if my writers were here."