Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Underrated Archie, Take 3

When it comes to underrated "Archie" Comics artists, I've already said my say about Bob Bolling and, so some extent, Samm Schwartz; now I've found a good example of the work of the third really first-rate Archie artist, Harry Lucey.

This story, "Actions Speak Louder Than Words" -- to go to the next page, click on the current one -- is done entirely without dialogue, and allows Lucey to show off his skill at creating good, expressive poses that are true to the character and the situation. Oh, and Archie winds up dating Reggie in this one. Freaky.

Steven Wintle has a bit more on Lucey.

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Anonymous said...

I asked John K if he liked Samm Schwartz, my favourite Archie artist (actually Jughead artist) and he said his favourite was Harry Lucey because he made sexy girl drawings, and he also said he didn't know who Samm Schwartz was but that he also liked the guy Bruce Timm liked, the main Archie artist. Then someone replied that it was DeCarlo and he said "Yeah! That's it! He was the greatest!"

I like Samm the best, and Harry second, but there's one artist with a very distinctive style who always drew Jughead's head with a round chin. His whle head was like a U with a crown over it. He's from the old days but I don't know his name, I'm gonna post a pic from my Jughead Digest. Can someone identify him?

I love Samm because of the old fashioned way he drew Jughead, the tons of background gags he put in his comics, and how it was fun to read a story about the 90's drawn like it was the 60's. Oh, and how he only used straight lines, never curves. And the way he drew bangs.

I'll post that pic soon.