Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Flintstones Celebrities For Our Time

Really stupid, random thought: if modern-day celebrities appeared on The Flintstones, what would their names be changed to? Remember Ann-Margrock, Stoney Curtis, and so on; every celebrity needs to have a Flintstones-appropriate name. Some contemporary equivalents would be:

Jennifer Anistone
Tom Crust
Paleozoic Hilton
Brad Tar-Pitt
Brute Willis

Other suggestions?


Rays profile said...

Christopher Rocken?
Katie Courock?
The game show "Win Ben Stone's Money?"

Daniel said...

Kiefer Sutherock?
Jerry Stonefeld?
Sheryl Cro-magnon?
Paris Piltdown?
Sarah Jurassic Parker?

Brent McKee said...

Alec Baldstone
Patricia Rockette (star of the series "Meso" and sister-in-law of)
Courtney Rocks-Rockette
Matt Lemelblanc (I know)
Lisa Kudrock
William Peterstone, who plays Gil Gristone in the hit show "CSI" which is set in Rock Vegas

Unknown said...

Stone Connery and Chuck No-rock.

No-rock for the win.

Yeldarb86 said...

Christina Apple-slate
Jennifer Topaz

Anonymous said...

Sharon Stonerock! BRILLIANT!