Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Tex Arcana?

A comment from Jerry Beck at the Golden Age Cartoons Forums:

At this time, there are no plans to release any MGM cartoons as collections on DVD - except for the TEX AVERY cartoons, which will hopefully be restored in time for release NEXT year (no promises however)...

Unlike the Tom & Jerry sets, George Feltenstein is personally overseeing this one.

Let's hope this happens; a complete Tex Avery box set is one of the ten most glaring omissions in the DVD catalogue.


Anonymous said...

Actually, it would be nice to get a full Avery set that included both his Warner Bros. and MGM work as a whole, since Time-Warner owns all but the six theatrical cartoons he directed for Lantz (two pre-WB and four post-MGM), he directed in his career. But since te WB ones will be out as part of the Golden Collections sooner or later, just getting the MGM ones on DVD will be good enough for now.

Anonymous said...

I just hope the Avery cartoons are truly uncut when and if that box set does appear. One of the MGM musicals DVDs Warner just released contains Avery's "Henpecked Hoboes," edited to remove one of those gags Avery was fond of where an explosion turns its victim into a blackfaced "darkie" stereotype. I'm neither condemning nor defending the gag. I just think if Warner is going to release these things, they ought to release them without edits.