Sunday, April 16, 2006

I Wanna Easter Egg, I Wanna Easter Egg!

The greatest holiday-themed cartoon ever is now available for online viewing: Bugs Bunny in "Easter Yeggs."

One of the early, great Robert McKimson Bugs Bunny cartoons, featuring some of the funniest moments in a Bugs cartoon:

- Bugs's angry reprise of "Here's the Easter Rabbit, Hurray"
- Elmer Fudd: "I can't miss with my Dick Twacy hat!"
- Bugs: "It's the suspense that gets me!

And just the whole idea of portraying the Easter bunny as a lazy, whiny good-for-nothing is inherently amusing.

Thad fills us in on who animated what in some parts of this cartoon.


Yeldarb86 said...

One of my favorite Bugs Bunny cartoons.

There's nothing wrong with Bugs being played by a sucker, even if its his own brethern. What counts is how he was able to triumph using his comedic wits. There's just too many funny stuff here to name at once.

One thing I DID notice is that Bugs looks a bit different in the bit where he takes Elmer's hat to show him a magic trick. Was there a ghost animator for that scene?

Jenny Lerew said...

One of the absolute greats. My favorite line:

I already GOT a bad name for the Easter Bunny!!!!"

I had to think that one over for a bit as a youngster. ; )