Monday, April 10, 2006

The Noir-owers

Jonathan Rosenbaum has another article up at, this time about "Ten Overlooked Noirs".

Actually I don't know that most of the films on his list are "overlooked," but it's still a good list. Also, I'm glad that Rosenbaum speaks up for the originally-released versions of Touch of Evil, which Universal has idiotically withdrawn to make room for the recut version Rosenbaum helped create:

I was a consultant on the third version--a re-edit by Walter Murch based on a memo written by Welles to Universal in the 50s--and it was never the intention of Murch, me, or our producer Rick Schmidlin to replace the film’s original release version or the longer preview version that supplanted it in the 70s. We were hoping that all three could be released in a DVD box set. Universal, are you listening?

They're probably not listening, but thanks for speaking up.

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