Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Flintstones Celebrities For Our Time

Really stupid, random thought: if modern-day celebrities appeared on The Flintstones, what would their names be changed to? Remember Ann-Margrock, Stoney Curtis, and so on; every celebrity needs to have a Flintstones-appropriate name. Some contemporary equivalents would be:

Jennifer Anistone
Tom Crust
Paleozoic Hilton
Brad Tar-Pitt
Brute Willis

Other suggestions?


Rays profile said...

Christopher Rocken?
Katie Courock?
The game show "Win Ben Stone's Money?"

Daniel said...

Kiefer Sutherock?
Jerry Stonefeld?
Sheryl Cro-magnon?
Paris Piltdown?
Sarah Jurassic Parker?

Brent McKee said...

Alec Baldstone
Patricia Rockette (star of the series "Meso" and sister-in-law of)
Courtney Rocks-Rockette
Matt Lemelblanc (I know)
Lisa Kudrock
William Peterstone, who plays Gil Gristone in the hit show "CSI" which is set in Rock Vegas

Anonymous said...

Sharon... hmm.... Sharon Stone-rock?

Unknown said...

Stone Connery and Chuck No-rock.

No-rock for the win.

Yeldarb86 said...

Christina Apple-slate
Jennifer Topaz

Anonymous said...

Sharon Stonerock! BRILLIANT!