Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Danny Arnold & Bewitched: Addendum

One last thing about Danny Arnold and "Bewitched" and then I will move on. Commenter "R.W." has this to say about Arnold's season on the show and what he was trying to do with the show:

The only comment I ever heard Danny Arnold make about "Bewitched" is that his time on the show was a losing battle. He wanted to downplay the magic angle as much as possible, while ABC, from the beginning, was pushing hard for more magic. His feeling was that the magic would be more effective if it was used sparingly. I believe the strong foundation he established for "Bewitched" was largely responsible for the show's long run, even though, by the end, the series had become much more repitious and childlike than what Danny invented, with, it seemed like, every third episode involving Endora casting some sort of spell on or around Darrin.

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