Thursday, May 04, 2006

WKRP, Round 2

(My first "WKRP in Cincinnati" post, about the episode "Real Families," can be found below this one.)

Now, of course I wouldn't be a true "WKRP in Cincinnati" fan if I didn't bring you the most famous scene in any of the show's 90 episodes: the turkey drop from "Turkeys Away" (season 1). Here's the whole scene, right up until Mr. Carlson's famous closing line.

And here are a few other brief excerpts from the first season:

A commercial for Red Wigglers (The Cadillac of Worms):

(Link not available)

Les tries on a new wig to the tune of "Hot Blooded" by Foreigner (Hugh Wilson got the idea for the scene after hearing "Hot Blooded" on the radio):

Johnny plays "That Old Time Rock n' Roll" but is interrupted by an invasion of elderly people who object to the station's new rock n' roll format:

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John said...

While the turkey episode is justafiably famous, I've always thought "A Commerial Break", the Ferryman Funeral Home jimgle episode from later in Season 1 (which was cowritten by Richard Sanders) was the most under-rated episode, in terms of doing humor in prime-time that up until that point had been limited to the "Saturday Night Live" skits on NBC.