Thursday, May 11, 2006

Happy Blog-eversary to Me

Two years ago today I started posting;
I'm only stating facts, of course, not boasting.
An anniversary should call for roasting,
Though preferably not with Colbert hosting.
Though you may say I currently am coasting
On Youtube'd clips, your angry words have no sting.
And so, if you will join me, we'll be toasting
My blog... I think I'm out of rhymes for "posting."


Sterfish said...

...And many more!

Galen Fott said...

If I wrote you another rhyme for "posting,"
Then folks might rightly say your blog I'm ghosting.

ophuls said...


Thad K said...

Happy birthdaze.

Tor Y. Harbin said...

Happy Blogeversary!
Happy Blogeversary!
Happy Blogeversary!
Hap-py Blog-ev-ver-sary!

(sits presuming that someone is familiar with that bit on a "Flintstones" episode...maybe not)

In any event, keep on posting!

ward jenkins said...
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galen fott said...

And, oh yeah...congrats! Love reading your blog!

npetrikov said...

We'll bake a cake for you, with lots of fro-sting.

Or not.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Fat Boy!


Stephen Rowley said...

Congrats. At the risk of sounding too fawning, this blog totally turned aroud my perception of the worthwhileness of blogs in general.

Rob Bates said...

Let me second (well, maybe 11th) all the nice words ... you write well and with passion, you've exposed me to some great work and you obviously know your stuff!Congrats and keep up the great work!

(Two questions, though: Have you ever though of getting an easier blog address? I can never remember that zxby thing you got going. Also, any other interesting pop-culture blogs like this?)

Ron said...

Two years? I love it. Here's to many more--(*raises, then chomps a muffin*). You write one of my favorite blogs, sir. :)

Ivan G. said...

Happy blogiversary, Mr. W--you'll never know the depths of my envy regarding your well-written blog.