Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Greatest Pundit of them All

I promise to stop posting WKRP clips after this (at least for a while), but I just wanted to post some reminders of why Les Nessman absolutely needs to have his own pundit show.

Les Nessman's interview technique (with actress Colleen Camp):

Les Nessman on the Middle East, in a moment that (as I mentioned earlier) anticipates another piece of punditry by 25 years:

Les Nessman's no-holds-barred personal commentary:

Is there a single news channel that Les couldn't walk into today, no questions asked?


Jim Winter said...

God, I miss that show.

Sadly, Les's views do, in fact, represent a significant portion of the Queen City. More sadly, I have to live here.

Is it any wonder I'm usually dancing on the subway whenever I visit New York?

("Why are you so happy? This is the #7 train?" "Yes, and it goes nowhere near Fountain Square!")

Elizabeth Foxwell said...

Les Nessman + turkeys = one of the most memorable moments in television.

Oh, the humanity.