Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Grudge Matches I'd Like to See: Ubu vs. the MTM Kitten

The ultimate logo smackdown: The MTM Kitten vs. Ubu. Does dog eat cat, or does the kitty sit pretty?

I personally think the MTM kitten is tougher and certainly more versatile, having been a basketball player ("The White Shadow"), a detective ("Remington Steele") and even having shown an ability to imitate Bob Newhart's voice. But I once posted this match on a message board and received the reply: "Ubu's a badass MOFO who don't sit for nobody!" So it's really kind of a toss-up.


Peter Lynn said...

That's nonsense. It's clearly implied that Ubu sits anytime he's asked. The request "Sit, Ubu sit," is always followed by a woof and a "Good dog," thereby implying obedience to the speaker's instruction.

npetrikov said...

Is Ubu's owner so technologically inept that he can't portray the pooch in the act of sitting, but must confine himself to a still? I think not! Ubu's bark clearly expresses scorn (his inflection is unmistakable); "Good dog" is merely the owner's pathetic claim that "Speak, Ubu, speak," is what he had intended to begin with. Ubu may be a bad MOFO, but the MTM kitten would outwit him.

Thad K said...

I love the MTM kitten, so that's my pick.

My cat looks up at the screen whenever it shows up. She does the same thing when Daffy Duck talks too. Smart dumb animal I got here!

- Thad