Tuesday, May 23, 2006

"Revenge isn't sweet, kids -- it's actually salty with a twist of lime!"

Instead of posting a classic cartoon, I'll post one from the early '90s "silver age" of TV cartoons -- the "Tiny Toon Adventures" cartoon "Ruffled Ruffee." Written by Sherri Stoner and directed by Alfred Gimeno (who directed many of the best "Animaniacs" segments and storyboarded the great Tiny Toons "Do You Love Me" video I linked to in another post), it's one of the show's more successful attempts at doing a Bugs Bunny-style cartoon, with Buster Bunny pulling a "Long-Haired Hare" on a Raffi-type singer (Rob Paulsen) whose bland songs encourage kids to be docile and dull.

It's also a good example of the distinctive animation of Tokyo Movie Shinsha; with their angular (but beautiful-looking) drawing style and their way of animating -- having characters move broadly and pop from one pose to another with a lot of "smear" drawings -- they did some of the best-looking animation ever seen on television.

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Cheryl said...

As much as I liked "Tiny Toons," what always bothered me about the series was that it seemed too dependent on the original WB golden age cartoons. Most of its characters were rooted directly in golden age characters and the series freely borrowed gags and entire storylines from golden age cartoons. It often just seemed way too derivative.