Thursday, July 05, 2007

You Better Get the Best For Me

A 1960s Scopitone with Julie London singing "Daddy," a 1941 song by her husband Bobby Troup, and a song that might sound familiar to cartoon fans.

And this is where you probably heard the song originally:


VP81955 said...

Jeez, now I'm trying to figure out which version is sexier. (I can picture some tired traveling businessman in a hotel bar one night putting some money in the machine to enjoy Julie and fellow femmes.)

Anonymous said...

XM's 40s channel (which in truth is a 30s/40s channel) often has songs that strike a chord, so to speak, from MGM, Warners or Paramount cartoons, and Bob Dylan actually played London's version of the song on his XM show last June, and closed it out with a reference to Tex Avery and Red!

Brent McKee said...

As much as I enjoyed the Julie London version, when it comes to listening to the song nothing comes close to listening to Eartha Kitt with that sort of growly purring voice doing that song.