Monday, July 16, 2007

Brain 2008

Going through some old tapes, I found this promo that aired on Kids' WB (sorry: Kids' WB!!!!) in 1996. But I think it's time to haul this one out of storage and re-use it in 2008. I think that's Jeff Bennett doing the voice-over.


wcdixon said...

I LOVE the Kids' WB!

I still miss the weekday afternoon block of Kids' WB!


Anonymous said...

That is definately Jeff Bennett, and he did all the Kids WB! promos in those days, (albeit in a different voice)

I remember his voice over for the Looney Tuney Warner-oonie Pinky and The Brainy Big Cartoonie Show, and Kids WB!'s annoying habit of syncing pre-existing animation to new voice tracks for promos.