Friday, July 20, 2007

Mi Chiamo Mork

Did you know that a) The Italian broadcasts of Mork and Mindy had a different theme song from the original, and b) The Italian theme song was a lot better than the original one?

Judge for yourself:

And this site has some of the lyrics:

Na-no na-no
Ora che mi sei amico
non stupirti se ti dico
che io parlo con le piante,
millepiedi e l'elefante
Perché vengo da lontano

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Anonymous said...

The first season's theme in the American version was subdued and kind of sweet. The theme after that was the same, but the orchestration was bombastic and overly-pleased with its own funniness (kind of like the show after the first season as well). The Italian theme is definitely a major improvement over the latter.