Saturday, July 28, 2007

Superman vs. Popeye

In honor of the excellent new Popeye the Sailor DVD set, I propose a grudge match, a Fleischer-off if you will, between the two great superheroes that the studio adapted for the screen.

Who wins a fight between the Fleischer version of Popeye the Sailor Man (hopped up on spinach) and Superman? Will Superman turn out to be just a blue-suited Bluto? Or is the power of Popeye's spinach no match for someone whose voice drops an octave lower when he says "Superman?"


Aaron T. said...

Popeye has to run out of spinach eventually.

Anonymous said...

Them he can put Kryptonite in his Spinach can. I mean, they're both green anyway (well, maybe not in the Fleischer B&W one-reelers).

Anonymous said...

There wasn't any Kryptonite in the Fleischer cartoons, though.

Christopher Mills said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Christopher Mills said...

It happened:

Superman vs. "Captain Strong"

He is the mighty mariner of the high seas. He is nonother than Captain Strong! Traveling in his worthy sea ship The Fantasia, the Captain is joined in his adventures by his wife Olivia, and J. Wellington Jones, an idle rich explorer. Whenever there is trouble, the good Captain consumes alien seaweed which endows him with super strength to compete with Superman. But watch out, if he overeats his sauncha, he may lose control!!!!


Anonymous said...

I'd heard about the Captain and his sauncha fix, but Olivia... and J. Wellington Jones ("one of the Jones boys")... really?! Or did you make some of this up?

Anonymous said...

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