Monday, March 23, 2009

Links To WKRP Episodes Posted So Far

I thought I should do a post collecting links to the various uncut, original-music WKRP in Cincinnati episodes that have been exhumed on this blog. Here they are in order of production (not the same as airing order); further episodes added on the blog will be added to the list. A few of these clips have been tweaked since they were first posted to include bits of music that weren't available at the time; "God Talks To Johnny" now includes the scene that was cut in syndicated versions.

If there are any episodes where the embedded clips don't work, let me know. (And again, if you have a copy of the season 3 episode "The Baby" that is a complete original 24-minute version, please let me know. That's the one episode I don't have complete.)

Season 1

- "Pilot"

- "Pilot, Part 2"

- "Preacher"

- "Hoodlum Rock"

- "Bailey's Show"

- "Hold-Up"

- "Turkeys Away"

- "Goodbye, Johnny"

- "Johnny Comes Back"

- "I Want to Keep My Baby"

- "Fish Story"

- "The Contest Nobody Could Win"

- "A Date With Jennifer"

- "Tornado"

- "Young Master Carlson"

- "Never Leave Me, Lucille"

- "A Commercial Break"

- I Do, I Do... For Now"

- "Who Is Gordon Sims?"

Season 2

- "Baseball"

- "Jennifer Falls In Love"

- "Carlson For President"

- "For Love Or Money" (parts 1 & 2)

- "Bad Risk"

- "Put Up Or Shut Up"

- "Baby, If You've Ever Wondered"

- "Patter of Little Feet"

- "God Talks To Johnny"

- "Bailey's Big Break"

- "Mike Fright"

- "Les's Groupie"

- "A Family Affair"

- "Jennifer's Home For Christmas"

- "Sparky"

- "The Americanization of Ivan"

- "Herb's Dad"

- "The Doctor's Daughter"

- "Venus Rising"

- "In Concert"

- "Filthy Pictures"

- "Most Improved Station"

Season 3

- "The Airplane Show"

- "Jennifer Moves"

- "Real Families"

- "Hotel Oceanview"

- "The Baby"

- "Bah, Humbug"

- "A Mile In My Shoes"

- "Baby, It's Cold Inside"

- "The Painting"

- "Daydreams"

- "Frog Story"

- "Dr. Fever and Mr. Tide"

- "Venus and the Man (Venus Flytrap Explains the Atom)"

- "Ask Jennifer"

- "I Am Woman"

- "Secrets of Dayton Heights"

- "Out To Lunch"

- "A Simple Little Wedding"

- "Nothing To Fear But..."

- "Till Debt Do Us Part"

- "Clean Up Radio Everywhere"

Season 4

- "The Union"

- "An Explosive Affair" (parts 1 & 2)

- "Rumors"

- "Straight From the Heart"

- "Who's On First?"

- "Three Days of the Condo"

- "Jennifer and the Will"

- "The Consultant"

- "Love, Exciting and New"

- "You Can't Go Out of Town Again"

- "Pills"

- "Changes"

- "Jennifer and Johnny's Charity"

- "I'll Take Romance"

- "Fire"

- "Dear Liar"

- "Circumstantial Evidence"

- "The Creation of Venus"

- "The Impossible Dream"

- "To Err Is Human"

- "Up and Down the Dial"


Unknown said...

I have to thank you for posting these episodes!

Best regards,

Vicki Von Vicki said...

This has been a most enjoyable find! So nice to see these episodes as they originally aired.

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

This is AWESOME!!!! I only wish I could manage to download this stuff for my own!!!! I have some copies but they are the " edited for time " stuff that was in syndication. Good Job! Ben

Anonymous said...

Holy crap!

mike s said...

Wow! I haven't seen some of these in years. Been searching for them for a long time. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I sent you an e-mail before I found this master list and realized you were uploading these yourself. I had thought you were just posting links to a site that had the episodes.

Thank you SO MUCH for editing as needed and uploading these episodes. I've been looking for something like this for years.

Any chance you would consider changing the permission settings on the uploads so we can download these?


Snodge said...

Love the videos. Keep 'em coming!
I hope you can post "Les on a Ledge" someday!

Anonymous said...

THANKS!! The original music makes a HUGE difference!!
The only episodes that I can find that are missing, are sadly, all from the most brilliant first season, and they are:
"Les On A Ledge" (episode #3)
"Love Returns" (episode #8)
"Mama's Review" (episode #9).
I truly hope that someday those can be found, and the posting of the original work, at last will be completed.

Anonymous said...

It's been a long time since I've had the chance to watch WKRP. It still stands up. It's still one of the best. I've been sending your site to all the people I know who love KRP'


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your work in getting this all sad the DVD releases were so hacked up..I cant bear to watch them..the original episodes would only exist in my memory until I found your site. What joy this brings me!Thank you again!

Anonymous said...

What is remarkable about this collection most especially for those of us who had seen the original series in the 70s is that there is an episode or two of WKRP that stayed in our hearts and memories for all these years, together with the music that came with it. And then seeing it here again with the original music is such a wonderful legendary feeling, all the happiness, tears and laughter that this show gave us back then came alive again. WKRP is an extraordinary show, it is no wonder that this show became a "cult" series. Thank you for your posts, it means a lot to us!