Monday, July 21, 2008

"His Brain Seems To Be Thoroughly Damaged!"

Oh, yes! Remember Starcrash, the greatest Italian Star Wars ripoff ever made, if by "greatest" you mean "featuring Marjoe Gortner and the young David Hasselhoff, Hamilton Camp in a robot suit, Caroline Munro in a space bikini, and a score by John Barry." But after all, that's pretty much the definition of greatness.

Well, this guy has posted the entire movie in 10 parts.

Here's part 1, and then go here to see the rest of the film, because that's the only way you'll learn about Count Zarth Arn and his unstoppable weapon that doesn't actually hurt anybody.

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Edward Hegstrom said...

If you go to YouTube to watch this, one of the "Related Videos" is a version of "Hello Little Girl" from INTO THE WOODS...performed by grade school kids!

And how would that be related to STARCRASH?