Thursday, July 10, 2008

Two Songs I've Been Listening To A Lot Lately

No real link between the two, just two musical-comedy songs that I've fond myself listening to repeatedly. I might as well give others the opportunity to get these songs stuck in their heads.

1. "Wait Till We're Sixty-Five," by Alan Jay Lerner and Burton Lane, from On a Clear Day You Can See Forever. I listen to this song a lot, both because it's funny, it has a great tune, it's sung by two of my favorite actors of all Barbara Harris and William Daniels. Plus I can, if I choose, ignore the irony and just use it to look forward to senior citizenship.

2. "Promise Me a Rose" from Take Me Along, music and lyrics by Bob Merrill My "Bob Merrill on Broadway" post still gets me a lot of nice feedback to this day, and every time someone mentions the post, I find myself listening to Merrill's greatest song, one of the greatest "torch" songs ever written and one of the few songs that really makes me cry. Eileen Herlie, like everyone else in the cast of Take Me Along, was not a singer, but a distinguished actor cast by the director, Peter Glenville, who didn't really seem to care about singing per se. Herlie really couldn't sing much, but she gets through this song all right and acts it beautifully.

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Anonymous said...

Just to let you know (in case nobody else has) that Eileen Herlie is alive, well, and in her 32nd year of ALL MY CHILDREN, playing Myrtle Fargate. Her most recent appearance was about two weeks ago, and she looks pretty good for 88.