Friday, May 23, 2008

WKRP Episode: "Herb's Dad"

This episode from the second season was written by Steve Kampmann and Peter Torokvei and guest-stars Bert Parks, a brilliant choice to play Herb's father, Herb Sr. ]

Tonally, this episode is odd, not exactly dramatic but a little subdued, almost like the "dramedy" format Hugh Wilson would help create with Frank's Place. What I like about the way the story plays out is that even though a story like this would normally have Herb realizing what a pathetic old con artist his father is, it doesn't go that way at all, because this is Herb: he worships his father, and considers his own life a quest to match Herb Sr.'s "impossible standard of excellence."

Music: "Lucille" by Little Richard; "Jane" by Jefferson Starship.

WKRP s02e15 Herb's Dad by carpalton

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Anonymous said...

Notice the early poster of Prince in the background of the control booth? Someone must've been a fan before he 'star' took off.