Monday, May 12, 2008

The Crystal Skull?

Turns out not only did Bob Bolling come up with the name "Doctor Doom" either before or exactly at the same time as Marvel Comics, but when the Archie title assigned him to Sabrina the Teen-age Witch for a few issues in the '80s (the idea being to see if he could liven up that title with his trademark mix of action-adventure and comedy, the way he did for Little Archie), here's one of the stories he came up with.

I don't know what the new Indiana Jones movie will be like, but I think it would be seriously enlivened by the presence of Professor Pither (say it without the lisp) in Mad Doctor Doom's Time Taxi. (The idea of this brief run of Bolling Sabrinas was that her arch-nemesis was using Mad Doctor Doom's house, Crackstone Manor, and all his gadgets, while Doom and Chester were away.)


Todd said...

The Crystal Skulls are one of those random bits of arcana that force everyone who hears about them to work them into a screenplay or something. I'm sort of sad they've hit the big time now, as I had them set aside for something.

Also, I demand a Back to You post-mortem, since I don't particularly feel the need to shrug off my laziness to talk about a show that was kind of sort of finding its way but didn't seem it would ever raise to the level of being better than, say, King of Queens.

Anonymous said...

As far as you know, what are all the other comic book titles and numbers that have Sabrina with Professor Pither?