Thursday, May 22, 2008

This Video Has Created More Vegetarians Than Any Other

Ever seen Wendy's "Grill Skills" training video? This is a video that new Wendy's employees had to watch in the '80s, where they were trained to become great grill specialists with the help of a rapper who sucks you into the TV, and several singing burgers with painted-on lips. The lesson is that working at Wendy's is surprisingly similar to an LSD trip.

Highlights include Dave Thomas (before he started starring in Wendy's commercials) waxing passionate about the beauty of pure ground beef, not to mention "mustard, pickle, and onion"; the line "Most of all, you've got to have your tool," Billy's expression when he gets a medal, the second half of the video with both Billy and Rapper-guy quietly repeating all the lyrics of the instructional rap song, and the closing chorus of "Grill Skills." Yes, it's a song and a title!

See also Seanbaby's recap of the video, though it loses some of its punch after you've actually seen it, because all the things you thought he was just making up turn out to be just straightforward descriptions of what happens.

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Kevin W. Martinez said...

The singing hamburger patties didn't disturb me nearly as much as a thought the would.

Now, If the patties had been stop-motion, ala the California Raisins, that'd be something truly "WTF"