Friday, February 01, 2008

WKRP Episode: "Rumors"

Hey, I finally got a request to upload a particular episode! A reader asked for "Rumors," the fourth episode of the fourth season. Written by Toronto Second City and Osgoode Hall Law School graduate Peter Torokvei (now known as P.J. Torokvei), which explains the reference to the Toronto group The Ian Thomas Band.

This is an odd episode because it doesn't really have an ending to speak of, at least compared to most episodes. It sets up two connected stories -- office gossip about Bailey when Johnny is staying at her apartment; Johnny fears that Andy is plotting to replace him -- and it doesn't exactly leave them unresolved, but the resolution is very brief and the second act is very short. (Compare the similar episode Taxi did around the same time where Elaine stays with Bobby; that had more of a wrap-up scene.) I'm more used to this kind of non-resolution resolution now because that's how The Office wraps up most stories today. This is also part of the fourth-season story arc about the station being remodeled to fit its new success (Mama Carlson gave Andy the money to do this in the previous episode, "The Union," in exchange for working to keep the station from unionizing).

Music includes something by the Ian Thomas Band (see above) and the contemporary hit "Our Lips Are Sealed" by the Go-Gos. The guest is the ubiquitous Sam Anderson, the last of four different characters he played on the show.


Jason said...

Jaime, I just want to thank you for posting these original, unmessed-with episodes of my all-time favorite sitcom. I haven't seen "Rumors" in years, and it really brought a smile to my face.

On a related note (and I hope this isn't taking advantage of Jaime's hospitality or breaking any rules), does anyone out there have any recommendation for where to get bootleg WKRP DVDs? I've found several sources in my searching, but I'm hesitant to spend the money without a better idea of what I'm getting, quality-wise. They all seem to come on 18 discs, which leads me to wonder if they're all from the same source material. Anyone know?

Jaime J. Weinman said...

Jason: I have a set of the 18-DVD bootlegs. (Bits of them appear in the "composite" versions I've been posting.) They are taped from TV syndication, probably in the late '80s or early '90s; they're decent quality if a little faded-looking.

These syndication episodes have most of the original music (not all, though -- most Rolling Stones songs were replaced by this time, and the Maurice Chevalier scene had already been tampered with), but they are cut for time, so they all run 22 minutes instead of the original 24-25.

The set also has a "bonus" DVD with the Entertainment Tonight WKRP segment and a couple of episodes of "The New WKRP" (the clip show that introduced it and the one where Venus comes back).

I think all these sets basically are identical and from the same material. There is another bootleg floating around but I'm pretty sure it's not the complete uncut CBS versions either.

Jason said...

Thanks for the fast reply, Jaime, and for the insight. I was hoping for completely uncut versions, but I'll probably go ahead and get the bootlegs anyhow. Man, I wish somebody would fix this music-licensing mess...

Chris said...

You sir, are a gentleman and a scholar. I am forever in your debt. Thanks for posting my request. I'm going to grab "America's Favorite Radio Station" and find some more gems.


P.S. Bailey in the "Black Death" shirt...mmmmm.

Anonymous said...

If you're taking requests from season 2, how about "The Americanization of Ivan?" I hated when they took the Elton John song away from the end. Talk about killing the ending.

Thanks for the info about the DVDs. Why can't someone get the originals on DVD? That would be one of my three wishes!

Anonymous said...

Ian Thomas is Second City/SCTV alumni Dave Thomas' brother. Strengthening the connection to Torokvei even more.

Anonymous said...

Another excellent show!! Thanks for putting this up as well as the others.

Snodge said...

Hi Jaime
I hope you can post "Les on a Ledge" someday. I might have requested this in the past, but I sure hope it's available in the future!
Thanks and Cheers