Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Who is the One With the Zing in His Chassis?

Add another one to the list of terrible theme songs: the song for the short-lived TV version of "Herbie the Love Bug." (Dean Jones deserved a better song to sing and a better show to be in.) Why didn't they just use George Bruns's theme music from the original movie?


Michael Jones said...

You're absolutely right. That was truly horrible. I especially appreciated the nyaah-nya-nya-nya-nyaah-nya and the raspberry.

Kenny said...

Herbie deserved better too. The show is embarrassing for all involved, and not just for the theme song (although that may still be the worst part). I'm a big Herbie fan, but there just weren't enough gags in the concept for a weekly show, especially on a TV-sized budget. Making each episode an hour long was an even bigger mistake. Each episode is painfully drawn out and amazingly boring.

I hate the nyahh nya nya nya nyaah nya in the song... this annoying bit of melody had its first Herbie appearance in the opening titles of Herbie Goes Bananas, but fortunately did not reappear in the movie. But apparently some idiot thought that was a very Herbie music cue and brought it back.

Marty McKee said...

Plus, Nicky Katt and the time-honored L.A. storm drains.