Saturday, February 23, 2008

Grudge Match: Fantasy Island vs. the Love Boat

"Da plane, boss! Da plane!"

"No, my little easily-condescended-to friend, that's not a plane, that's a boat," says Mr. Roarke.

From the ship, through a megaphone, comes the voice of Captain Stubing: "We claim this island in the name of Pacific Cruise Lines! Surrender or prepare to be invaded! We have mobilized the entire crew as well as our celebrity passengers to destroy you!"

"On the contrary, you Minneapolis fugitive, your ship is now mine, since it is on Faaaantasy Island property. Tattoo, arm the staff and the guests to repel these invaders!"

Who wins the most brutal war of all time, as The Love Boat invades Fantasy Island? Which guests will have funny or heartwarming adventures? And will the breeze from the Pacific Princess cause unexpected love matches among Fantasy Island and Love Boat staff members?

Note: This is Fantasy Island from the series, not the pilot or the remake. (The evil, omnipotent Roarke from the pilot would turn Julie into a coke fiend and transform all the other Love Boat crew members into has-beens. Not that that could ever happen.)


Anonymous said...

I remember watching the pilot episode of Fantasy island as a kid I oved the maniacal Mr. Rouke who turned everyone's fantasy into a nightmare. I was always disappointed with how lame it became later as a series. But I guess I was not in their target demo and they seemd to do fine. But I stopped watching very early on. Even as a pre-teen, I recognized the missed opportunity to make something different and interesting.

I used to watch The Love Boat sometimes. Seems to me that it never pretneded to be anything other than what it was. Silly entertainment. Guess I prefer that.

Anonymous said...

I think I need to see this pilot.

Jim @ said...

I sort of remember these being in a back to back line up, meaning Love Boat was on first, then Fantasy Island - Saturday Nights. I watched both.