Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Ain't Got Much To Say...

But TV Shows On DVD has a few more news items of moderate interest: Universal is getting closer to finishing The Rockford Files as they've announced a release for the fifth of the six seasons (and, for you Sopranos-o-philes, David Chase's last season with the show), and Miller/Boyett retooling buffs can check out the original dead-end jobs of Larry and Balki when WB releases the first 28 episodes of Perfect Strangers (after those first two seasons the show was re-tooled, their jobs got better and the Ernie Sabella character was dropped).

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Andrew Leal said...

I often think Ernie Sabella's "Twinkie" Twinkacetti on "Perfect Strangers" was basically a poor man's Danny DeVito as Louie De Palma.

That said, I still remember one episode which mentions he has a framed portrait of G. Gordon Liddy, an oddball detail which never fails to amuse me.

Also, "Never Send a Boy King to Do a Man's Job" in Rockford season 5 is one of my favorites amongst the "Maverick"-style "scam" episodes. On the other hand, I think this season also has "The Jersey Bounce".... not necessarily a bad episode on its own, but not a great one, yet somebody decided the next season to give the unlikable, whiny killers their own episode as a backdoor pilot.

Also, my mother adores Gretchen Corbett as Beth, so her absence is a downside (on the other hand, she did like Bo Hopkins' Coop, as little used as he was, and it was probably smart to go a different route than try to introduce another smart, attractive lady lawyer).