Monday, October 08, 2007

'90s NostalgiaPalooza!

Oh, man. "Weird Science," the TV series, comes to DVD on January 1. Fortunately it's the first two seasons (13 episodes each) together -- fortunately, because the second season was better than the first.

I've written before about why I liked the "Weird Science" show. It had a better cast than the movie, and almost everybody who wrote for it now has a job on Desperate Housewives or The Office or something like that. But most importantly, this was one of my favorite guilty-pleasure shows of the '90s and I hereby make a New Year's resolution to buy this thing. I hope it sells well enough to bring out the third season, which was the best; the fourth season, which was uneven, and the final season, which was... kind of bad.

Best line from any of the 26 episodes included in this set:

(Gary and Wyatt need to think of a plan to save themselves from their evil clones made from bubble gum.)

GARY: I've got it! Let's do that thing we did to that guy that time.
WYATT: Good plan!

(They run off together and save the day.)


Anonymous said...

I alwyas enjoyed:

"I can't believe I went to third base with an alien!"

Victor said...

This would have been a great Twilight Zone homage, if it weren't for all the butt crack jokes. Which take up like a third of the episode.

Anonymous said...

I think that the Season 3 episode "Fly Boy" was arguably the best X-FILES parody any show did at the time. The two actors who were "Agent Scolder" and "Agent Molly" were spot-on; even the background music was right.