Monday, January 15, 2007

Only Ten Zillion More Episodes To Go

The good news: Sony will release volume 1 of Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman, containing the first 25 episodes.

The bad news: since this serialized daytime show had 307 episodes, and since Sony often waits a long time between volumes of the shows it releases, we may not see that series completed until 2032.

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Rob Bates said...

Awesome news. Though when they recently showed "MH" on TV Land I was surprised how it could be kind of slow at times, it is definitely one of those strangest and most daring shows of all times. Not to mention very funny. (And totally ripped off by "Soap.")

One thing to consider: they did release virtually the entire run of another cult soap opera, "Dark Shadows" (a favorite of mine) in a span of a few years. I am hoping this leads to the release of the far more manageable Hartman spin-off "Fernwood 2Night" on video -- especially now that Fred Willard has become something of a cult star.