Monday, January 29, 2007

Grudge Matches I'd Like To See: Hamburglar vs. Cookie Crook

Battle of two characters who taught us, as children, that it's okay to turn to a life of crime:

The Hamburglar (McDonald's) vs. The Cookie Crook (Cookie Crisp). Which masked bandit will prevail?

To refresh your memory, here's a vintage commercial for Cookie Crisp, which may hold some kind of record as the most unhealthy concept for a cereal. The only thing worse would be a cereal consisting entirely of sugar cubes.


Yeldarb86 said...

Man, I loved the original gimmick for the Cookie Crisp commercials better, when it was the crook and his dog trying to avoid a police officer. They later changed it to a more generic concept of just the dog protecting kids' rights to eat the cereal.

But to answer your question, I pick the Hamburglar. From what I recall, even though he often failed, he didn't have a tough time like the Cookie Crisp crook.

Thad said...

I miss those Cookie Crisp commercials. But my favorite reference to either was by Monty Burns...

"You took the Hamburglar's birthday off last Tuesday AND Thursday! WHICH IS IT?!"

Mike Tennant said...

Technically, the original Cookie Crisp gimmick was Cookie Jarvis, a wizard (click here and scroll down). Cookie Crook and Cop came along much later.

I'm going with the Hamburglar too, but only if it's the mean-looking original version, not the cute, kiddified version they've had since the mid-1980s (when everything, thanks to Muppet Babies, was being kiddified).

Anonymous said...

Seeing as how the Hamburglar is still around, and the Crook isn't, I assume the Crook is either A. In jail, or B. Dead, no doubt the result of a bloody final shoot-out between him and the Cop.

(And if you watch the current Cookie Crisp commercials, even the dog has been phased out. The new mascot is a wolf who tries to steal kids' cereal using watered down Wile E. Coyote style gimmicks.)

Anonymous said...

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