Saturday, February 25, 2006

Those Various Wilkin Boys

Since nothing is more important than obscure Archie comics, I am pleased to direct you to Mister Kitty's page on Archie ripoffs by the Archie company itself.

I knew about "Wilbur" and "That Wilkin Boy" (which the company is for some reason attempting to revive now), but "Bippy the Hippy" had completely escaped my notice. As someone said on a message board: "Anyone who uses the spelling 'hippy' clearly has no idea what a hippie is."

The same site also has this and this about Archie knockoffs by other companies. The best of the bunch was Tower's "Tippy Teen," largely due to the excellent artwork by Archie's best artist, Samm Schwartz. Though some have an affection for Marvel's "Millie the Model." Six of one.

I should also point out that the excerpt from the early "Josie" comic is yet another example of the snappy dialogue of Frank Doyle. Who else would start a kids' comic story with a joke that depends on the audience knowing French:

JOSIE: Ouvrez la porte, Pepper.
PEPPER: Later, Josie, but right now I have to open the door.

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