Friday, February 24, 2006

King of the Hill -- Undead Slasher Cartoon Rises Again!

I have been authorized by an Informed Source (tm) to say that King of the Hill, which was originally going to end this season, is now going back into production on March 17. Fox has ordered 20 more episodes. The show has been getting good reviews and pretty good ratings (when it's on, which isn't often), and it was felt that there's still some good material left in the adventures of Hank Hill.

Most of the animation staff is now working on Family Guy, but KotH is re-staffing and will borrow back directors and animators from other Fox shows when they have time (this is common practice; Family Guy in its first season borrowed a lot of animators from KotH). I don't know who will be on the reconfigured writing staff, but I think John Altschuler and Dave Krinsky will remain the showrunners, as they have been since 2002.

All of which proves that Fox animated sitcoms are like mad slashers in horror movies: no matter how many times they are killed, they are never dead. Family Guy is probably Jason, who comes back several years after being killed, whereas King of the Hill is Michael Myers: it just dies and comes back over and over again. No word yet on whether Futurama will be Freddy Krueger.

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