Friday, February 17, 2006

Señor Chance!

Ivan at Thrilling Days of Yesteryear has a good post on the beloved character actor Pedro Gonzales-Gonzales (The High and the Mighty, Rio Bravo), who recently died at the age of 80. Ivan posts some excerpts from the "You Bet Your Life" appearance that made Mr. Gonzales-Gonzales famous.

Also, here's something I wrote about him last year:

I know him best from a movie called The Sheepman, because it was a movie that my dad saw as a young man, and years after he'd forgotten the name of the film, he always remembered Gonzales-Gonzales's big line: seeing a shipment of sheep being brought in, he cries out: "The sheep has come in!" Dad said this got a huge laugh in the theatre. One afternoon we were watching TV and we noticed Gonzales-Gonzales in some kind of sheep-herding situation; Dad realized this was it, and we waited for the big line. When we heard it, it was like we'd finally recovered the lost gold or something. So thanks, Pedro.

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