Sunday, December 18, 2005

The Woodchuck...

Hinterland Who's Who, the homepage. Featuring the original theme music, plus clips and other info.

For those who aren't familiar with Canadianarcana, "Hinterland Who's Who" was a series of one-minute films produced by the National Film Board; they ran during commercial breaks on the CBC and elsewhere. They consisted of grainily-photographed films of various woodland creatures, faux-impressionist flute music on the soundtrack, and a friendly-voiced narrator giving us a few basic facts about how the creatures live. The films were so cheap-looking that even the captions couldn't keep steady on the screen, and the point of them always eluded us, since it didn't tell us a whole lot we couldn't learn by watching Hammy the Hamster, but the music was kind of hypnotic.

SCTV did a parody of the Hinterland Who's Who, part of an episode filled with CBC and NFB parodies, a way for the Second City comics to strike back at the CBC for never hiring them. The payoff comes when the friendly-voiced announcer appears on a CBC show as a "famous Canadian actor" that none of the guests have ever heard of. The parody, along with some real Hinterland Who's Who segments included as extras, is on SCTV Volume 4.

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