Tuesday, December 06, 2005

It's Crizappy!

Sitcoms Online has some very fine news about upcoming TV-On-DVD releases:

NewsRadio: The Complete Third Season will be coming to DVD on February 28! This is still unofficial of course, so keep it low key. If this is indeed the date, we can expect Sony to announce it in less than 2 weeks. And when they do, TVShowsonDVD.com will have full information on it!


Fans of the cult hit Action have been waiting and waiting for Sony to release the show on DVD. It had been scheduled many times but was always pulled off. And we hope this time it will not be pulled again. Action: The Complete Series will come out on February 21. We can expect all 13 episodes of the 1999 FOX series starring Jay Mohr to make it on this set. Thanks to Dragonfire Films, err Sony Pictures Home Entertainment for finally scheduling the cult sitcom.

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