Friday, September 03, 2004

Not the Last Roundup

While I struggle to balance my busy schedule (Monday: Nothing. Tuesday: Wash vest. Wednesday: Buy rutabaga at half-price), here are some links I found today:

- David Hurwitz of Classics Today suggests holding a Classical Olympics, including the "Floria Tosca 30 Meter Platform Diving Competition."

- An interview with Amy Heckerling about Clueless, courtesy of the Jane Austen society page (well, Clueless is the best movie ever made from a Jane Austen novel, after all).

- A new interview with the ever-interviewable Paul Dini, best known for Batman and Superman the animated series. Being me, I'm actually more interested in what he has to say about Tiny Toons and -- though he didn't work on it much -- Animaniacs. I didn't realize he helped come up with Minerva Mink, one of the great lost characters of that show -- everybody liked her first two cartoons, but the network and/or the production company decided that they didn't want a kids' show to have a series of cartoons based entirely on sexual innuendo, so Minerva (voice of Julie Brown) was relegated to nothing but cameo appearances after that.

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