Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Not Again!

So my Montreal Expos may become Washington Senators. Or, rather, "Washington Senators III: New Nightmare." I can't say I'm particularly sorry, because I haven't really followed the Expos for awhile. And I don't agree with this article that Montreal supported the Expos "loyally" until the 1994 debacle; unimpressive crowds were a staple of Olympic Stadium long before that. (The fact that the stadium kept falling apart didn't help.) It's time for the Expos to leave Montreal; the problem is that this seems like the worst possible move: a city that lost two teams already, a city with another major league team a short drive away, a stadium being built with a gun to the taxpayers' heads... geez. The only good thing about this is that it will allow for an updated revival of Damn Yankees, since the "Washington Senators" stuff will no longer be dated, and the stuff about the Yankees being evil and always winning, well, that never goes out of style.

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