Friday, April 11, 2008

WKRP Episode: "Jennifer's Home For Christmas"

This fine Christmas episode from season 2 uses a plot hook that had been used before -- in fact, Happy Days did the "everybody brings a Christmas tree" thing only a year before this -- but does it better. Jennifer slipping into her real accent on the phone is one of my favorite jokes from the show. (In a strange way, Jennifer is to WKRP as Jack Donaghy to 30 Rock or Barney to How I Met Your Mother -- there's so much we don't know about these characters that the writers can have a lot of fun hinting at their unseen lives and backstories.) This episode guest stars George Gaynes -- who later directed an episode and worked for Hugh Wilson on Police Academy -- and takes advantage of his linguistic skills.

Music: "Merry Christmas Baby" by Chuck Berry, "Jingle Bell Rock," and the most famous recording of "Jingle Bells."

WKRP s02e11 Jennifer's Home For Christmas by carpalton


Anonymous said...

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annalisa said...

Trivia, George Gaynes is the real husband of Allyn Ann McLerie, who plays Mrs. Carlson, the big guy's wife in the show.