Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Grudge Match: Batman vs. Superman - Election 2008

Once again, all the candidates for President are forced to drop out under mysterious circumstances, and the race is between two independent candidates: Batman and Superman.

Who will win the election? Batman, with his huge cash-on-hand advantage but his distinctly sub-par PR skills, or Superman, who is less good at dirty tricks but better at projecting a likable image and dealing with the media (particularly since he's a journalist himself and knows how the media works)?

Yes, I know that Superman shouldn't be eligible to run for President, since he is an alien. But who's to say the Constitution hasn't been amended in this scenario? Besides, since he doesn't have a Kryptonian birth certificate, they can't actually prove he's ineligible, and Ma and Pa Kent probably faked an American birth certificate for him.

(I was considering doing a Bruce Wayne vs. Lex Luthor election instead, but I had a feeling that it might have already been done in the comics.)


Larry Levine said...

My write in vote is for Diaper Man from The Mighty Heroes because this election is about change!

Anthony Strand said...

Lex was President of the US in the DC Universe for a couple years earlier this decade, but Bruce hasn't run for office. He wouldn't. It'd take too much time away from the mission.

Green Arrow, however, was mayor of Star City for a while.

(I'm a nerd)

As for this question, I'd vote for Superman over Batman in a heartbeat. Superman's looking out for the nation's best interests. Batman would put all of the country's assets into the War on Crime. All of them. The War on Crime.

Anonymous said...

In Batman on Superman, in his own words:

I'm a DETECTIVE. I'm not MIGHTIER than the pounding SURF, I can't LEAP TALL BUILDINGS with a single BOUND.
But I'm SMART.
One HELL of a lot smarter than YOU'LL ever be.

But since us Americans are stubbornly adverse to any candidate with half a brain: Superman wins by default.