Monday, January 14, 2008

Mel Blanc Slowed Down

You know how in the the cartoon "Rabbit's Kin" (aka "The One With Pete Puma") Bugs meets a little rabbit who talks in an almost incomprehensibly high-pitched voice? Most of you probably know that it's just Mel Blanc's voice sped up even more than usual. (The closed captions even indicate what he's actually saying.) But I thought I'd try slowing the dialogue down until it was back to more or less Blanc's real voice, and then dub it back into the cartoon.

I couldn't slow the picture down as well as the audio, so I mostly had to repeat the same footage twice. But at least you can hear where they took a line of dialogue that was supposed to occur earlier ("And all of a sudden, just as I was passing the big old oak tree") and put it in near the end of the scene, figuring nobody would notice. And I just think it's fun to hear Blanc's real voice (more or less) coming out of this cute little Scribner-animated rabbit.


Thad said...

LOL. I've done this a few times, including with my 16mm print (ran it on silent speed).

Now how 'bout the rest?

Anonymous said...

Nice. He kinda sounds like Sylvester slowed down like that.

Anonymous said...

I believe Mel said Sylvester's voice was the one closest to his (minus the lisp, of course).

Brent McKee said...

I don't know about Sylvester. There's definitely a lot of Yosemite Sam in the little guy.