Thursday, November 01, 2007

THE SOPRANOS meets Mike Post

Yeah, I know I need to stop with the TV-intro remixes, but I was wondering, what would happen if The Sopranos had a Mike Post theme song?

That was the theme from Riptide; the theme from The A-Team works almost too well with the Sopranos intro -- if you dubbed in some voice-over at the beginning, and inserted clips here and there to match the explosion and crash sound effects, it would actually sort of work.


Brent McKee said...

I don't know about this one Jaime. Now The Sopranos intro with the theme from Cops? Probably too easy.

Jaime J. Weinman said...

I don't know about this one Jaime.

Me neither, but the problem with finding a match for The Sopranos is that most theme songs don't run as long as the Sopranos title sequence (a full minute and a half).

Anonymous said...

I think Joe Cocker once observed that any music will match any visual.