Thursday, November 29, 2007

Na-No, Na-No

Just one more "Italian theme song" post: I found a better-quality version of the Italian Mork and Mindy (also, this one is from the first season, rather than the second). The song by Bruno D'Andrea was the biggest hit of any alternate Italian theme song and is by far the best; I'd say it's one of my all-time favorite theme songs, period. The original Mork orchestral theme song is too bland and generic for my taste -- supposedly Garry Marshall insisted on a theme that would distinguish this from his other productions, but the music doesn't really tell us what the show is about -- whereas the Italian song tells us exactly what the show is about and always makes me smile.

This version fades out a bit earlier than the other one, in order to incorporate the season one opening scene before the song starts.

And to show how popular the song remains, here's a recent cover of "Na-No, Na-No" (or "Nano Nano") by the veteran pop musician Claudio Baglioni and the younger pop singer Jovanotti.

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